On Call Computer Solutions, Inc.
              Providing on-site solutions to computer problems
              throughout the greater Charlotte, NC metro area.
No, that's actually not us in the photo! However, as Baby Boomers we're of the same generation.

Our company was founded in Matthews, NC in 2001 by a small team of highly skilled computer professionals. Our experience working with PCs and small networks dates back to the early 1980s. In fact, our founding President got his start working with mainframe computers way back in 1969 when it took a large room full of computers to do what the average desktop PC or laptop can do today!

We don't consider ourselves geeks because we find the term to be offensive (look up the original definition and you'll see why!).

Your computer is much too important to be serviced by just "anyone".  What you don't
need is someone fumbling around or  "learning at your expense! You can be assured that we have the knowledge and
experience to tackle whatever problems may exist and to provide real solutions.
   Our philosophy is simple ~ We treat our clients' computers as if they were our own!